Round 5 - Griffiths

We have a new household joining the town this round — The Griffiths!

Ellen Griffiths is a Knowledge Sim with the LTW to Become a Mad Scientist.

She is an Aquarius — 4/4/4/7/6 and turned on by brown hair, and lycanthropy. Her turn off is stink. She is a party animal, impulsive, and a genius.

She has also moved to the town to start her own legacy. She wants ten generations of her family, all descended directly from her, to be born in this town. Ellen want's the Griffiths name to go in the history books when they write about this project!

The first neighbour to visit her is Tracey Coombes. Miron Coombes, Angela Buckley and Adrian Wakefield stop by shortly afterwards, and she starts getting to know her neighbours.

As she arrived with nothing to her name, Ellen takes Adrian Wakefield's advice to try and dig some valuable stuff up.

Ellen quite literally struck gold! With the treasure chest she's able to get a small cottage built.

It's not much, but it has all the necessities. And indoor plumbing!

Rather than spending every day digging, Ellen decides to get in touch with Nora Atlene, and ask to be her assistant. Nora agrees to pay her a basic salary too! Money will slowly start trickling in.

Not impressed with any of the other men she's met so far, Ellen really likes to look of Kevin Fong. The two hit it off immediately, and Ellen feels like there might be something there.

*AN: In case it isn't clear, Ellen is doing an extreme start, scored legacy challenge. Our first challenge for the hood!*


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