Round 5 - Buckley

With all the good food they've been eating, most of the settlers have put on a bit of weight around the middle. Lyssa decides to lose weight and get fit.

Angela is still dragging her to the electronics store most days though, so she can practice charming strangers. And sell electronics of course. Soon the business reaches rank 3.

Adrian Wakefield comes by to apologise and explain himself to Angela.

"I don't want to hear it," she tells him. "We're done. I told you."

However, Adrian Wakefield is very persuasive. He persuades himself right back into her bed.

Lyssa is suddenly overcome with jealous rage. She had been fine with it for months, but something just took hold of her and made her so angry with Adrian she wanted to fight him. With her new fitness regime to help, she knocks him on his ass.

"And don't come back here again," Lyssa yells as he sheepishly heads for the door.


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