Round 2 - Buckley

Angela knows that she hasn't been great company for a while — she's been so focussed on getting water and electricity to the town!

Finally, she feels like she's learnt all she can and she's ready to get building all this infrastructure.

She gets to work the very next day.

Max Coombes and Lyssa feel a little at a loss. They aren't particularly needed for the development of the town like the others. They don't really have a role in the settlement, so they spend time together, chatting.

Lyssa also decides to take up painting in her spare time — starting with a self-portrait she knows isn't very good.

Angela's skills in her workshop improve in leaps and bounds!

It seems Adrian Wakefield hasn't kept his head down for long! Angela knows she shouldn't give in, but he is so charming.

She distracts herself by inviting Nora around.

"The water tank, and windmills are ready to go!" she announces. "We'll have running water and electricity in no time."


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