The Atlene Project - Meet the Settlers

Some areas of SimNation are still largely unexplored and uninhabited. Occasionally, a brave band of settlers will strike out in search of a new home in these uncharted territories. Seeking fame, fortune, questing for knowledge, searching for somewhere to raise a family, or just on the look out for fun new experiences, these pioneers face many challenges while trying to carve out a new life.

Nora Atlene is one of these pioneers. She has gathered together a small group of adventurous spirits, willing to join her in her search for a new land. Each of them has their own motivations for wanting to leave their old life in the overcrowded Capital behind,  and their own goals and dreams to fulfil. Will they be able to work together to establish a new town in the middle of nowhere?

The Atlene Family:

Nora Atlene is a woman with an adventurous spirit, and grand ideas. It was her goal to strike out and found a new town, that brought everyone to this place, and its her goal that will keep them going through the rough patches. If Nora is to achieve the fame she desires, if she is to get her name into the history books, then she will have to become a great leader.

The Buckley Family:

Angela Buckley

Gemini — 4/7/7/3/4

Knowledge — Max All Skills

Turn on's: Black hair, formalwear

Turn off: Athletic

Likes: Green, Retro styles

Flexible, Rebellious, Brave

Lyssa Buckley

Gemini — 4/6/7/3/5

Romance — Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Turn on's: Makeup, cologne

Turn off: lycanthropy

Likes: the colour white, and vintage styles

Unlucky, Neurotic/Paranoid, Technophobe.

The Buckley twins are as different as can be. Expedition Engineer and Mechanic, Angela, loves learning and discording new things. The opportunity to help found a new town brought with it so many opportunities to learn and develop her skills that she just couldn't say no! But she also couldn't leave her sister behind, getting into one unfulfilling, unlucky relationship after another. She figured a new start for both of them could help break Lyssa's unlucky cycle, and convince her to settle down.

The Coombes Family

Miron Coombes

Pisces — 5/3/7/3/7

Fortune — Earn $100,000

Turn on's: good at cleaning, facial hair

Turn off: blonde hair

Likes: gold colouring, and western styles.

Technophobe, lucky, inappropriate.

Max Coombes

Virgo — 9/2/6/3/5

Pleasure — Have 50 Dream Dates

Turn on's: facial hair, zombies (!?)

Turn off: black hair

Likes: the colour purple, mountain hospitality.

Stubborn, Party Animal, Techno-whiz.

Tracey Coombes

Scorpio — 6/5/6/4/4

Popularity — Become a Hall of Famer

Turn on's: hats, fitness

Turn off: makeup

Likes: monochrome colours, like black, and rustic styles.

Eco-friendly, traditional, vain.

While same-sex couple Miron and Max can't exactly help add to the population, they agreed to help fund the expedition, and Nora was extremely happy to take them up on the offer. Founding a new town isn't a cheap prospect! Business-minded Miron also hopes to make a lot of money from the expedition, selling any interesting artefacts back to the Capital, and having a monopoly on businesses in the growing town. His husband, Max is mostly there to just have fun, and dote on Miron. And help his sister, Tracey, out in the garden. Tracey has taken it on herself to grow crops to sustain the town as a farmer, abandoning her goal of playing football for SimCity one day, to get her name in history books for this instead.

The Wakefield Family

Joel Wakefield

Cancer — 6/3/6/4/6

Pleasure — Have 50 First Dates

Turn on's: athletic, stink (!?)

Turn off: glasses

Likes: neutral colours and country decor

Cultured, Adventurous, Unlucky

Kimberlee Wakefield

Capricorn — 7/4/3/6/5

Knowledge — Max All Skills

Turn on's: unemployed, stink (again!? They're made for each other)

Turn off: black hair

Likes: Green, Contemporary decor.

Big Spender, impulsive, lucky

Adrian Wakefield

Pisces — 4/5/7/3/6

Romance — Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Turn on's: fatness, creativity

Turn off: hats

Likes: Purple, and vintage styles

Genius, Dramatic, Impulsive.

When Kimberlee heard about the Medic role going for this expedition, she signed herself and her husband up with barely a second thought. Joel loved a new adventure, after all. It did take some convincing to get Joel's brother, Adrian to join as the architect. He was perfectly happy where he was, with plenty of eligible young ladies to charm the pants off in the Capital. In the end, it was Kimberlee's appealing to his incredible intellect and dramatic tendencies, that decided it for him. He would help build up this town, and charm the single ladies while he was at it. No-one said he couldn't have a little fun on the job after all.


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