Round 1 - Atlene

Some areas of SimNation are still largely unexplored and uninhabited. Occasionally, a brave band of settlers will strike out in search of a new home in these uncharted territories. Seeking fame, fortune, questing for knowledge, searching for somewhere to raise a family, or just on the look out for fun new experiences, these pioneers face many challenges while trying to carve out a new life.

Nora Atlene is one of these pioneers. She has gathered together a small group of adventurous spirits, willing to join her in her search for a new land. Each of them has their own motivations for wanting to leave their old life in the overcrowded Capital behind,  and their own goals and dreams to fulfil. Will they be able to work together to establish a new town in the middle of nowhere?

Nora Atlene is a woman with an adventurous spirit, and grand ideas. It was her goal to strike out and found a new town, that brought everyone to this place, and its her goal that will keep them going through the rough patches. If Nora is to achieve the fame she desires, if she is to get her name into the history books, then she will have to become a great leader.

After so much time travelling as a group, sharing tents, and never having any privacy, Nora loves her new house. Even if it is extremely basic, and built only from the rocks they could gather, and trees they could fell. A proper roof over her head feels like a luxury.

A good leader always needs to brush up on their skills, and Nora takes advantage of a small mirror to practice speeches and build on the communication and influence skills she'll need to use.

Like when she chats to Angela Buckley, the expedition's engineer and mechanic, about her plans for clean energy in the town.

Or to Kimberlee Wakefield, the expedition's Medic, about setting up a clinic when the population gets large enough.

While they have all brought enough rations to see them through the spring at least, Nora decides it would make thing easier if she has a few fresh vegetables of her own to harvest, and keep her self-sustainable.

One of the luxuries they'll have to live without for a while is running water and electricity. Nora is keen to have Angela Buckley set that up as soon as possible. Collecting water from the river, boiling it and then having to bathe in the outhouse every day is really not ideal.

Living on her own does get lonely from time to time, but luckily the other settlers are only next door and pop around all the time. Nora can't help but developing a little crush on Adrian Wakefield, who seems to come over to enjoy her company often.

With careful attention and loving care, Nora's little patch of vegetables is soon flourishing, and her gardening skills improving. She can't wait to harvest the first crops! Its moments like these that would never have been possible living in cramped quarters in the Capital.

By the end of the first season there, Nora also feels like she's making progress, not only in building the town, but in solidifying her role as leader, and climbing the political ladder.

A/N: As per the Nepheris ruleset, I got Nora a job in Politics straight away. She got promoted to Intern, the got a bad chance card and demoted, then promoted to Intern again by the end of the round.


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